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Welcome to an extended escape into unparalleled luxury. Whether house-hunting, seeking a change of work-from-home scenery, or finding a new life in the wild, make yourself at home with an extended stay and discover our collection of long-term luxury holiday rentals.

For more information on our longer stays please email the team on and include the dates you are interested in and which you would love to stay at!

The Cottage at The Pines
From £4000 per month
The Hill
From £12000 per month
Fern Lodge
From £6000 per month
The Upper House at Wylfa
From £7000 per month
Fern Lodge Light
From £6000 per month
From £12000 per month
The Bungalow
From £2000 per month
The Old Tearoom at Ty LLewelyn
From £4000 per month
Y Cwtch
From £1600 per month
The Coach House at the Pines
From £3200 per month
The Hide at Wylfa
From £3000 per month

Why Choose Our Long-Term Rentals?

Exclusive Locations

Our holiday rentals are strategically situated, providing a perfect blend of seclusion and accessibility. Enjoy the natural beauty of these regions while enjoying proximity to local attractions and amenities.

Luxurious Residences

Experience the epitome of luxury living with our carefully curated holiday residences. From elegant manors to charming cottages, each property is a sanctuary of comfort and style. Enjoy spacious interiors, private gardens, and breathtaking views that redefine the essence of a home away from home.

Tailored Experiences

Your extended stay is crafted to your desires. Indulge in personalized experiences, from bespoke culinary adventures to curated cultural journeys. Our long-term luxury holiday rentals ensure that your every day is filled with moments of joy and relaxation.

Thoughtful Amenities

Every detail is considered to enhance your stay. Benefit from concierge services, regular housekeeping, and fully equipped kitchens, providing the convenience of a seamless transition into a life of leisure. Our amenities are designed to elevate your holiday experience.

A Haven for Exploration

Beyond the walls of your luxury residence, discover the charm and heritage of your new home. Delve into local traditions, explore scenic landscapes, and create lasting memories in a region steeped in culture and natural beauty.

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